Integrate Technologies together

WE, Tee Dee Technologies, strive for Customer Satisfaction, with a Technology Touch.

Tee Dee Technologies is part of well-known Tee Dee Group established in the year 1999. Tee Dee Group has grown organically expanding its portfolio spread across multi segments.

Tee Dee belongs to a Group which primarily promotes trade and commerce through its affiliation with several large multi- national entities. By virtue of its status as agent and partner, the Group provides opportunities to a global network of venture’s seeking business opportunities in the region. Further, the Group’s extensive knowledge of UAE’s industrial and commercial infrastructure as well as in the Middle East at large makes it an ideal business partner offering comprehensive benefits in a wide range of products & services.


Continuously seeking new technologies and concepts to keep our customers at the forefront of Technology. Tee Dee’s research and development team is exploring new solutions which will increase the efficiency, professionalism and profitability of our clients.


Integrate Technologies together