Operation & Command Center

Display any combination of information in the right place at the right time; on the video wall, the operators’ desktop, in a crisis room or a director’s office. Interact with multiple sources in various formats, our unique, hybrid and interoperable technology. Our solutions are used in control rooms within a variety of industries, including utilities, transportation, government, defense & security, oil & gas, banking, and beyond.

The benefits are as follows:

  • 01
    Situational Awareness

    With critical data easily and readily available, operators bring the relevant combination of information on their desktops but also on any video wall or crisis room throughout their facility. They can easily select a region of interest on their desktop or on the video wall and share it with the crisis room or any other stakeholder in the organization.

  • 02

    Visualize content from virtually any type of device and from as many devices as you need. can process any AV or IP feeds from cameras, web apps, encoders, media players, etc. With customizable control panels, automated triggers, emergency messaging and many other integrated features, our solutions allow operators to remain focused on their mission.

  • 03
    24/7 Reliability

    Deployed within aerospace and military agencies worldwide, our systems are designed for mission-critical operations for 24/7 reliability featuring complete redundancy. Requiring less hardware than traditional configurations, our solution requires fewer connections yielding to less risk.

  • 04
    User Control

    Our intuitive user interface allows operators to quickly and easily control and manage content during the most time-critical situations. Easily arrange content on the video video walls in real-time or load pre-arranged layouts. Use a simple touch interface for immediate control of the system.

  • 05
    Future Proof

    Our solutions are modular, scalable, and interoperable with 3rd party solutions. You never have to worry about interoperability with your current infrastructure nor do you have to worry about replacing equipment as your needs evolve. You can easily expand your existing deployment to meet your growing needs.


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